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We are GOOOO!!

After many months of hard work, research and almost blood sweat and tears, we are super proud to say the Aurora EV Ltd new website, branding and corporate identity are now online.

A huge thank you to all our customers, partners and friends who have been bearing with us whilst we get ourselves ready – we hope you like what we’ve done with the place!

‘From a branding perspective it was really important for us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and try and show how passionate we are about the road to zero’ says Ben Morris Customer Engagement Manager. ‘We all feel a responsibility to give something back to the planet, give our kids a better future than what we’ve inherited and with electrified vehicles we really can start making a massive difference to our carbon footprint’.

Its hard to believe that in another lifetime Ben used to be a massive petrol-head and represented some of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. ‘Yes I can’t deny that! I admit when electric vehicles came knocking over ten years ago I thought I’d be the last one who’d be trading my V6 in. But then I drove the cars and the performance and technology jump just blindsided me. It really feels like something from the future when you drive a electric vehicle and it puts a smile on my face every time I get in mine.’

Adam Gardner, Installation Director at Aurora EV agrees. ‘Yes it’s a different world away from driving my smelly old van that I used to wonder if it would start or not every morning. The new electric vans have a much better range and even welcome you into a nice, hot cabin first thing in the morning. What’s not to like?”

So what else is important to Aurora EV and how can it set itself apart from its competitors in the newly emerging market place? Whilst the website answers these questions and more its only when you speak to the team you see the fundamental desire to give the best possible experience to its customers.

‘We talk to a lot of customers who have been let down in the past and it blows our minds’ continues Adam. ‘The second thing we all completely agree with here at Aurora, second to the positive environmental impact we can have as a company, is we must not stop going the extra mile for our customers. We see time and time again companies cutting corners and treating their customers like robots, not even giving them the courtesy of a callback the same day and we realised that’s how we go forward from here: Treat customers they way we want to be treated. Do what we say we’re going to do and when there are problems as there are in any relationship – open, honest communication quickly without delay keeps the problem from becoming bigger than it needs to be. That’s what we promise to give our customers. Its not rocket science!’

It all seems like sensible thought out planning which should put the customer in a good place if maintained. Judging by the passion in its members of staff it will be. Maybe Aurora EV’s third value can give us a greater understand of where its focus lies? ‘That’s still tbc’ Ben says with a cheeky grin on his face. ‘I had proposed all staff members should become Wolves (Wolverhampton Wanderers) fans for the greater good of the community however we are experiencing a bit of push-back from the odd straggler’.

It would appear it will be easier for Aurora EV to maintain its first two values compared to its perspective third one. We look forward to returning in the second half of the year to see how things are progressing on all fronts (and if Wolves have made it back into Europe). In the meantime if you have any questions the team can help you with, don’t hesitate in giving us a call on 0800 7074774 or email Alternatively don’t forget our launch offer – if you recommend us to somebody else and they have a charger installed by us we will give you a digital Amazon £50 to say thanks (subject to terms and conditions, see website for details).