Aurora EV – Premium Car Charger Installation

EV Charging for Business

In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), businesses are increasingly pivoting towards sustainable practices. If your company is considering transitioning to an electric fleet or aiming to provide charging facilities for employees and visiting clients, we offer unparalleled charging solutions.

Our extensive product range, coupled with expert consultancy, is designed to turn your EV aspirations into reality.

Why Choose EV Charging for Your Business?

With a significant portion of UK drivers contemplating EVs for their next vehicle, coupled with attractive tax incentives for electric company cars, the installation of EV chargers extends beyond merely meeting your business’s sustainability objectives. It positions your company as a forward-thinking, environmentally responsible entity, enhancing its appeal in the eyes of potential and current employees, as well as clients.

Installation by Accredited EV Professionals

We pride ourselves on the exceptional customer satisfaction ratings from our domestic and commercial EV installations. Our team are all manufacturer-trained experts and are NICEIC/NAPIT accredited. They are committed to excellence, ensuring flawless functionality from the outset, regardless of the number of charging points your business requires.

EV Charging for business.

Future-Proof and Scalable Solutions

We understand that business needs evolve. Whether you’re starting with a modest setup or planning for significant expansion, our solutions are designed with future scalability in mind. We create infrastructures that support additional charging points as and when required.

What’s more, we ensure your investment remains cutting-edge by managing software upgrades and technological advancements, keeping your setup up-to-date.

Budget-Friendly Options

Budget constraints should not hinder your transition to green energy. We offer a diverse range of products tailored to various budgetary requirements. Our team works closely with you to identify the most cost-effective solutions that meet both your immediate and long-term business needs.

This approach ensures that you can embark on your sustainable journey without financial strain and being OZEV approved for commercial installations, we can advise and administer any appropriate grant schemes that may be available.

Comprehensive Service and Support

Our commitment to your business extends beyond installation. We provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your EV charging infrastructure operates at peak efficiency. Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to address any queries or concerns, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your business.