Aurora EV – Premium Car Charger Installation



Ready to start your journey to a cleaner future but still have a few questions? Take a look at our electric vehicle charging installation FAQs below. If you cant find the information you’re looking for feel free to contact the team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

There are still several grants available for residential and commercial customers. For the complete list of current grants please find details on the Government Website or alternatively contact us for further details

All of the chargers we provide at Aurora EV are compliant with the new Smart Charging regulations that came into effect between June 2022 and December 2022. There are still chargers that are being circulated that may not be compliant and we encourage customers to check carefully if purchasing units themselves –  these may not be able to be activated once installed due to new software not being compatible  with the older hardware

Financially the savings that can be made with the use of a smart charger are substantial. Paired to a “off peak” electricity tariff your charger can pay for itself in savings in a matter of months. From a convenience perspective the ability to charge your car safely overnight waking to a car that’s always full in the morning means less stress. Say goodbye to queuing miles away from home waiting for others to finish their charge plus no more having to leave the window open to feed the granny charging cable through!  

Only if you want them too! New compliant chargers have the ability to activate or disable charging from the convenience of your smartphone. 2023 compliant chargers also come with anti-tamper mechanisms offering further security.  These features combine to make it practically impossible for anyone to use your charger without your permission 

Tariffs vary tremendously however at the time of writing one of the most popular energy providers offer off peak energy from 10p per kwh. If for example your car has a 60kwh battery it would cost £6.00 to charge your car from 0-100%. Now compare this to some external public chargers which can quite easily cost around 75p per kwh (which would cost £45 to charge the same car to full). That could mean a saving of around £39.00 for every time you charge at home (on a smart off-peak tariff) compared to charging in the public network

As long as we gather all the information we need from your survey and are satisfied you don’t need any external parties to complete additional work, we can get you online within a week

Single phase electricity is the standard for residential properties and usually means a maximum 7.4KW charger can be installed at home. This can mean a typical car will charge in around 6-8 hours and although it is possible to upgrade to Three Phase this is usually at significant additional cost. Business premises typically will be supplied by Three Phase power and as such have the ability to run more powerful and faster chargers.

If you’re not sure what power you have running at your property be it private or commercial, feel free to get in touch so we can advise you of your options  

For home installations a £50 deposit is taken at the time of confirmation with the balance due seven days before your install date. For commercial/business terms please enquire for further information

If you have any more questions about EV Charger installation at home please contact us today!