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Charger Installation The Easy Way...

Seamlessly installing a electric charging point at home is not rocket science – good communication, a clear understanding of the job leads to a agreed plan with you, our customer and getting things right first time.

If you’ve just ordered your car and are getting things ready or need a electric charging point within the week Aurora EV can help.

What to expect:

The process  of installing an electric charging point at home is broken down into four phases: Qualify, quotation, site survey and Installation.

During our qualification of your requirements we will build a understanding of what you need to achieve and the infrastructure at your property of place of work.  We will then be able to map out a timeline of your installation and quote you subject to survey which can be performed at the same time as your inquiry/quote if your installation is time critical. Once we’ve taken a look at your site which can be performed physically or online we can then give you a confirmed install date.

Depending on our ability of getting all the required information at the survey we can then decide if we can proceed with the install. If we are not able to ascertain your fuse size for instance we will have to request the DNO (the Distribution Network Operator) such as National Grid to confirm this and it can take two weeks for them to respond. This is vitally important as we have seen examples in the past of customers having installations performed without the necessary checks done. This has resulted in their main fuse blowing leading to the property being without electricity until the DNO has been able to repair the fuse.

New car chargers are “load managed” which means they will automatically restrict the amount of electricity being used depending on the draw from the property/location however we need to pre- qualify your use to ensure we provide the most suitable products. This shouldn’t take long and once we have all the information we will be able to confirm your installation date. Exciting times!

A standard installation will typically take three hours with an advanced taking the entire day. The install will usually require your power being switch off temporary although it shouldn’t be down for very long.

Once completed your installer will help you get online with your charger/phone application and issue you with your certificate of conformity which is required with all new electric vehicle chargers. Things get really exciting as you will now be able to charge you own car overnight and subject to having a smart meter be able to access any discounted off-peak tariffs. This can open the door to incredibly cheap transportation with the price per KWh being in the region of 10p for off-peak supply depending on your supplier. This compares to a price of approximately 70-80p per KWh for public charge-points* (correct at the time of writing).

Your charger will come with a minimum three year warranty but should you have any other questions or queries we will continue to offer you assistance and support and hope to maintain your custom for the foreseeable future.  

We will be in touch after installation to ensure everything went according to your expectations and appreciate your feedback so we can continue to improve our services. 

Thanks for choosing to be a Aurora EV customer – we’re glad to have you